How to Clean a Garden Patio with Organic Patio Cleaner -

The weather is warming up and spring has officially begun. It’s the perfect time to clean outdoor areas ready for summer BBQ’s and garden parties. 

During Autumn & Winter, patios, driveways, bricks, pathways and other outdoor areas are put through frost, strong winds and downpours. It can leave them discoloured and covered in debris, dirt, moss & algae.  

We have a simple, safe and easy solution to outdoor cleaning that will leave your garden areas completely clean, clear and restored back to their original colour.  

This blog post is an easy step-by-step guide for cleaning and removing moss, algae, unwanted debris and dirt from outdoor surfaces, using our Organic Patio Cleaning solution.  

Before You Start Cleaning Home Exterior 

Here’s a few things to consider and prep before you start cleaning and restoring your outdoor garden surfaces.  

1.Choose a warm, dry and still day for patio cleaning. It’s best to apply products such as our Organic Spray Away on a dry day to allow the formula to do its job. If it rains within 48hours it can wash away the solution, making it a little less effective. For best results make sure it’s a beautiful spring or summer’s day.

2.What areas do you want to clean? It’s best to section off the areas to clean so that lawns and plants aren’t affected by any product you are using. You can lay down tarpaulin or a similar material just over the closest areas that you do not want to use the product on. Although our Organic Spray Away is a biodegradable and safe formula, it’s best to avoid putting any type of chemical or cleaning product near plants and lawns to make sure they stay bright and healthy. Organic Spray Away is safe for use around ponds as it is not harmful to aquatic life. 

3.Garden sprayer – when applying patio cleaner products, you should always spray on evenly across the affected area. A garden sprayer or jet wash makes even applications much easier.

4.Clear the area – move garden furniture and anything else that you can, to another area whilst you do the cleaning so that you can get the full space spring cleaned.

5.Garden broom – sweep away any excess debris, such as leaves and loose dirt using a garden broom. This will make the area clear and ready for applying Organic Spray Away patio & decking cleaner solution. 

Cleaning Your Decking, Pathways, Patio, Fences & Outdoor Areas 

Now it’s time to start the cleaning process.  

Dilute Organic Spray Away 3:1, that’s 3 parts water to 1 part solution e.g. use 250ml of Organic Spray Away for every 750ml of warm water. Add the diluted solution to a garden sprayer. 

Spray the diluted formula onto the outdoor surface. Our organic patio cleaner cleans bricks, terracotta, slate, natural stone, fences, sandstone, concrete and all other outdoor surfaces. They can be cleaned safely and effectively using our organic, biodegradable formula. 

Once you have sprayed the entire problem area, leave the product to work for up to 48 hours. When this product is dry, it is safe for pets and children to play on the surface.  

There’s no need to rinse or scrub, just spray on and leave the solution to do its job, it’s as easy as that!  


Organic Spray Away Patio Cleaner 

Our Organic Spray Away Patio Cleaner is safer for the planet as well as your family home. It is a concentrated solution, so 5 Litres of concentrated product makes up 20 Litres of diluted garden spray formula.  

With little ones and pets roaming around, we made sure our formula is pet safe and non-toxic. You can clean garden surfaces without having to worry about the effects of harsh and harmful chemicals, using our non-toxic, organic safe solution.  

Dirtbusters Organic Spray Away Patio Cleaner

*You might recognise this Organic Spray Away if you’re a long-time Dirtbusters fan – we reformulated our Spray Today Gone Tomorrow. It’s safer for the environment, but the professional standard result hasn’t been compromised. 


If you have any questions about using our Organic Spray Away decking, patio & pathway cleaner, get in touch for advice from our expert cleaning team.