How to Prep Your Garden Ready for the Platinum Jubilee Garden Party -

The platinum Jubilee week is here, and with a long bank holiday weekend, there’s plenty of time to get the garden ready for the Sunday celebrations.

Whether it’s the front garden for a street party, or the back garden for a family get together, we have you sorted with tips & safe, non-toxic cleaning products.

In this blog post we guide you through our top tips to clearing and cleaning up the garden so that you can relax and enjoy it for your Jubliee party.

Our outdoor cleaning range includes Artificial Grass Cleaners, Patio Cleaner, Conservatory & UPVC. Surfaces can be cleaned with our safe solutions to help get you party ready.

Get your garden tools out ready for the clear up!

  1. Mow the Lawn/Clean Artificial Grass

Clearing up the overgrown grass is the first step to clearing up the garden. Mow the lawn and strim borders to make it look more presentable. You might want to throw on some grass feed on any patches to start that re-growth.

If you have artificial grass, give it a clean with one of our solutions. Artificial Grass Cleaner or Pet Artificial Grass Cleaner if you have furry friends that hang out on the grass too.

You should dilute your chosen Artificial Grass Cleaner into a pump spray or watering can. Apply all over the grass surface, leave to work for up to 20 minutes, agitate with a garden brush before rinsing off.

If your cat or dog uses the grass as its toilet, you can use the solution neat to tackle bad odours.

  1. De-weed Paths & Patios

Weeding is not the most exciting job, but it makes a big difference to the look of the garden. De-weed by hand, or use an organic patio cleaning solution to remove dirt and debris.

Our Organic Spray Away solution contains organic acids, perfect for cleaning patios, driveways, decking, bricks, fences and other surfaces. You should allow up to 48 hours for results to appear, and apply the solution when there’s a dry spell of up to 48 hours for best results.

If you have time, why not trim any of the plants & bushes that need a bit of TLC, to encourage regrowth.

  1. Clear up dead leaves

Time to gather up all of the dead leaves, weeds and any leftover grass. If you have a leaf blower, even better! Clear patios, driveways, paths and play areas.

Gather all of the waste up and put into garden waste sacks, or see our next step for tips on what to do with your garden waste.

  1. Remove the Garden Waste

Pile the waste into garden sacks, and throw into your garden waste bin if you have one. Make sure to check the special instructions for things you can or can’t include.

If you don’t have a garden waste bin, you can put garden waste on a compost – your own or take it round to a friends.

Check where your local recycling centre is if you don’t have a compost or garden waste bin collection. Use a strong bag, making sure not to over-fill it, and take it to your local council recycling centre which has garden waste recycling.

  1. Clean garden furniture

Get the garden furniture out of the garage if it’s been stored away, and give everything a good clean.

Wipe down furniture with a clean wet cloth, or even hose it down for a good rinse.

If you have UPVC furniture, you can use our UPVC Paste to remove dirt, bird poo and general grime. This will help to give your furniture a sparkling finish.

If you have a conservatory that needs a little loving, use our Conservatory Cleaner to clean up dirt, remove moss, and bird poo from all over the surface. You can follow with the UPVC paste on any UPVC surfaces, including window frames.

  1. Decorate

Now you’ve cleared up the garden, it’s time to add decorations to really get into the Jubilee party mood!

Why not add some fairy lights for Al Fresco dining. Hang them around the covering such as a pergola, along the fence, or around the back door area.

Put up bunting and decorate the table maybe adding fresh cut flowers from your garden, ready for your jubilee garden feast.


Now you can relax and enjoy!


All of our products are non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for your family home & garden.
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