How to Clean Oven Glass Using Non-Caustic Oven Cleaner Solutions -

Deep Cleaning your oven at home regularly helps to avoid heavy carbon, fat & grease build-up. It’s always nice to have a clean oven, especially when you can see through the glass to the delicious food you’re cooking inside.

Cleaning the oven glass door is a common query when tackling oven cleaning yourself at home. From what products are safe to use, to how to remove that thick carbon and fat build up easily, this blog post will guide you and answer your questions on how to clean oven glass doors safely and easily.

1.Prepare the Area

We always recommend laying protection on the floor beneath the oven door to collect all of the dirt that will be removed. This makes cleaning up afterwards that bit easier! You can use any material such as a towel, puppy training pads or newspaper. 

Switch the oven on to 80degrees, close the oven door and allow to heat up before cleaning. This softens the carbon and makes cleaning the glass door even easier.

2.Use a Blade and Scraper

You might be surprised to hear that using a scraper blade on the oven glass is safe to do. As long as it is done in the right way, it won’t scratch the surface, but will have a big impact on the ease of cleaning.

We have two types of scraper blades. For non-professional oven cleaning at home, we recommend our standard retractable scraper and blades.

If there is a build up of carbon and burnt on food on the glass, you should start by dry scraper blading the surface to speed up the rest of the cleaning process.

Add the blade into the scraper, make contact with the glass surface and begin scraping without lifting the blade from the surface until finishing. Blading makes a big difference to the speed and effectiveness of oven cleaning, and it is especially good to do as the first step.

3.Blade The Glass Along with Oven Cleaner Spray

The next step is to spray the glass with Bio Oven Cleaner solution and then follow with the scraper blade again.

Bio Oven Cleaner is our non-toxic, eco-friendly oven cleaner that can be used all over the oven including the glass and even self-clean liners. It is gentle on surfaces, skin and the environment, but tough on carbon and grease.

Using our oven cleaner will wet and soften the carbon and dirt, making the second round of scraper blading even more effective.

Rinse off the carbon and oven cleaning solution that has lifted from the surface, with a clean wet cloth.

4.Apply Oven Glass Paste

Using an oven glass cleaner such as a paste is an abrasive but non-scratching solution to cleaning excess carbon and grease.

Our Oven Cleaning Paste is a non-toxic oven cleaner that is safe for use on oven glass doors. For even more effective cleaning, you can spray Bio Oven Cleaner onto the surface along with the paste. Leave the oven cleaning solutions on the surface for up to 10 minutes to work and soften carbon before using a stainless-steel scourer to remove it.

5.Clean up and Finish off

You can repeat the above steps 3 & 4 as many times as required, especially if the oven is very thick with carbon and dirt.

Once you have finished the cleaning process, rinse down the oven door to remove any residue and dirt. Dry with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

You might like to apply Glass Cleaning Spray to polish the surface.

Remove the protective sheeting from under the door, throwing away/recycling it. Wipe down cupboard doors and clean up the floor if any excess dirt has transferred.

When to Hire a Professional Oven Cleaner

Cleaning in between the glass panels on the door is best left to a professional. Dirt and dust can gather in between the glass, making the oven look unclear and unclean.

A professional oven cleaner will be able to split the glass, cleaning in between the glass panels and removing the oven door. Some oven doors are much easier than others, some have 3 panels, some cannot be split and others are more straight forward! 


All of our oven cleaning products are non-caustic and fume free. They achieve professional results without using harsh, caustic ingredients. You can find the products and accessories mentioned in this blog post in our Oven Cleaning Kit 2.

Follow the steps above and let us know how you got on with cleaning the glass on your oven door. For further tips and advice, contact us

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