How to Clean a Self-Cleaning Oven with Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning Products -

We know what you’re thinking, cleaning a self-cleaning oven sounds counterproductive, but sometimes they still need a helping hand. So what is safe to use on self-clean ovens, and how’s best to clean them?

In this blog post you’ll find out:

  • The types of self-cleaning ovens & how they work
  • What products to use or avoid
  • How to avoid grease & carbon build-up
  • How to Clean Oven Glass
  • How to clean a self-cleaning oven without using the self-cleaning feature

What are Self-Clean Ovens and How do They Work?

Self-cleaning ovens are designed to do just that, clean themselves. There are two types of self-clean ovens; the first has a pyrolytic coating and the second has a catalytic liner.

Pyrolytic coating is a technology on the inside shell of the oven. These ovens usually have self-locking mechanisms so that the oven can get to a very high temperature. This burns off any food and carbon, keeping the oven clean without having to deep clean it by hand.

Catalytic liners are an oven liner filter that absorbs grease, fat and dirt on the inside shell of the oven. These types of liners usually need replacing after some time.

Both types of oven still need wiping down before and in-between using the self-clean function, especially if cooking fatty meats regularly, which can cause more grease & fat build-up.  

So that’s the technical part out of the way!

What Products Can You Use on Self-Clean Ovens?

For any self-clean oven, you should never use caustic chemicals. We don’t believe in using caustic chemicals to achieve best oven cleaning results, no matter what oven you have. Caustic chemicals can damage enamel, and can be harmful for the user with fumes and burning chemical components. They’re not great for the planet either!

Using caustic chemicals on any oven is not something we recommend, but most definitely not on self-clean oven liners. Caustic solutions can damage the self-clean liners as they will strip the chemicals and coating.

Non-caustic, eco-friendly, gentle yet effective products are best for the inside of the oven. Our Bio Oven Cleaner spray is a non-toxic oven cleaner that is gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces such as self-clean liners.

How to Clean Self-Cleaning Oven Liners

You should always check your oven manual for more information about the type of oven you have and how to use the self-clean function if it has one.

In between using the self-cleaning feature on your cooker, you will want to wipe down the inside of the oven to make sure there isn’t a big build up of carbon.

To do this, spray Bio Oven Cleaner onto the surface and wipe clean with a soft cloth. Bio Oven Cleaner is an eco-friendly oven cleaner spray that is tough on grease and grime, but gentle on surfaces.

You should avoid using any accessories such as stainless-steel scourers, scrapers, or rough sponges on the inside of the oven as this can damage the self-clean technology. Only use soft cloths and gentle products to wipe away residue.

How to Clean Oven Glass

The glass door on the oven can be cleaned the same as any other oven. You will need a product that is non-scratching but abrasive enough to remove any burnt on carbon, grease and dirt.

Our Oven Cleaning Paste combined with Bio Oven Cleaner is a great way to get your oven glass clean and clear. Using these two products together along with a scraper & blades and stainless-steel scourer, makes cleaning easier and achieves professional standard results.

A top tip for using a blade and scraper is to keep contact with the surface at all times. Only lift the scraper away from the glass when you are finished cleaning. Using a scraper is key to quick oven cleaning with best oven cleaning results. We always recommend making use of tools and accessories to reach into small areas, and to cut down cleaning time.

Using the Oven Self Clean Function

When using your ovens self-clean function, you will want to ventilate your home. The oven can get very hot, so it’s best to keep pets and children out of the kitchen.

The self-clean function on the cooker burns away grease, fat and carbon, turning it into ash for easy cleaning.


All of our oven cleaning products are non-caustic and fume free. They achieve professional results without using harsh, caustic ingredients. You can find the products and accessories mentioned in this blog post in our Oven Cleaning Kit 1 or Oven Cleaning Kit 2.

For any further help with oven cleaning, get in touch for expert tips and advice.

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