How to use Oven Cleaning Tools - Upgrade Your DIY Oven Clean by Using Scraper Blades -

Using the right tools alongside non-caustic, safe yet effective oven cleaning products is the best way to get professional standard results.

Good cleaning products alone can do a great job, but the right oven cleaning accessories will level up your DIY oven clean.  

What cleaning accessories are safe to use on your oven, and what tools should you use on which parts?  

This blog post guides you through our recommended cleaning accessories for your best oven clean yet. Paired with our eco oven cleaning solutions, your oven will be sparkling clean.  

Using a Scraper Blade on Oven Glass & Enamel 

A scraper blade is a professional tool for effectively cleaning burnt on food from oven interior. This includes glass and enamel.  

You will need a single edge razor blade holder & a pack of Blades.

Understandably, most people are cautious to use a sharp blade on these delicate surfaces. However, used safely and in the correct way, scraper blades are a very safe tool to use even for non-professionals. 

  1. The first step of oven cleaning is to dry blade. This means using your scraper and blade to lift the first layer of carbon. You should heat the oven first to 80 degrees, before turning it off and scraping with your tool.  
    This lifts the first layer of carbon, which is the hardest part to clean!  
  1. Follow the same scraper method after applying oven cleaning solution – try our Bio Oven Cleaner Spray.  
    With the solution sprayed onto the surface and the oven warm, scrape the surface again with your scraper blade. Now the solution has been softened by both the heat and the Bio Oven Cleaner solution, more carbon and dirt can be removed.  

Top Tips for Using a Scraper Blade 

  1. Maintain contact with the surface whilst scraping. The most important thing to remember when using a scraper blade, is to keep contact with the surface whilst scraping. Lifting the blade off the surface unnecessarily can lead to scratching of the surface. Maintaining contact when scraping carbon from the oven surface makes this tool completely safe to use on glass and enamel. 
  1. Use more than 1 blade per oven clean. Using the same blade throughout the whole oven clean will take longer and more effort from you! Changing the blade at least once if you have a lot of burnt on food, will make the scraping process much easier.  


Using a Stainless Steel Scourer in Oven Cleaning 

Stainless Steel Scourers can be used on the oven glass and the whole of the inside of the oven enamel safely.  

You should use the scourer in circular motions to lift remaining burnt on food easily. Pair this cleaning accessory with our Oven Cleaning Paste for best results.  

Both the Paste and Stainless Steel Scourer are abrasive but non-scratching, the perfect combination for best oven cleaning results.  

Finishing Your Oven Clean with Microfibre Cloths 

Microfibre cloths are a soft cleaning cloth for finishing off the oven clean. You can wipe down oven interior and exterior with a microfibre.  

Use your cloth with our Bio Oven Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Stainless Steel Oil or Multi Shine for the perfect finish.  


For full instructions and steps on how to clean your oven, head to our blog post on how to clean an oven using our Oven Cleaning Kit 2.  

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