Carpet Cleaner Dilution Rates - How to use carpet cleaner solution in your machine -

Our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions are safe for use in wet-system carpet cleaner machines.

Choosing one of our Carpet Shampoos to use in a Carpet Cleaning Machine could save you money. Our Solutions can be used in home or professional carpet cleaning machines.

Dirtbusters Carpet Shampoo Cleaners are highly concentrated, meaning just a small amount of solution is needed for each clean. This works out to be a cost-effective solution.

So how do you dilute our products in a machine? This is one of the top FAQ’s we receive from customers, and the answer is simple!

In this blog post, you will find out:

  1. How to dilute any of our Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaners in your machine

  2. Save money on each carpet clean

  3. Tips for professional results with our safer solutions

  4. Which dilution rate should you use?


How to dilute any of our Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaners in your machine

There are many types of machines but there are just two fail-safe options for diluting our products in your machine.

If your machine has 1 tank for both clean water and carpet cleaner solution, you only need to use 10ml of Dirtbusters carpet cleaner solution per Litre of water. E.g. if your tank holds 2.7 Litres, you would use 27ml of solution and fill the rest of the tank with clean, warm water.

If your machine dilutes mechanically and has separate tanks for clean water and another for the cleaning solution, you should still dilute Dirtbusters carpet shampoo, mix 50:50 with water. E.g. if your solution tank holds 1litre of solution, you should use 500ml of solution and 500ml of water.

Our carpet cleaning products are more concentrated than some other solutions, which means they need to be diluted before your machine dilutes it even further. This can make them last longer than some other solutions.

Save Money on Each Carpet Clean

Our carpet cleaning solutions are highly concentrated and therefore less detergent is required per clean. 

Buying our carpet cleaning products in 5 Litre containers also saves on plastic waste. With other smaller alternatives such as 1 Litres, it would take 5 bottles to make just over 5 Litres of concentrated solution.

5 Litres of Dirtbusters concentrated carpet cleaning solution makes 500 litres of diluted product at 10ml per litre

By using Dirtbusters carpet cleaning products, you could save money with each carpet clean. All while achieving professional carpet cleaning results.


Tips For Professional Results with our Carpet Solutions

We always recommend using a Pre-Spray first. This helps to lift some of the dirt and stains so that when you use your Carpet Cleaner with our Carpet Shampoo, the results are even better!

Pre Spray No.1 comes in 5 Litres or 1 Litre bottles; it is our lowest pH Pre Spray which is safe on all carpets including Wool. Find our full Carpet Pre Spray range here.

We also recommend using a specific Stain Remover for stubborn stains, our range of Stain Removers, including Tea & Coffee, Red Wine & Red Stains, Grease Gum & Oil, and general Stain Remover 1 for water-based stains, will do the trick.

Don't know which of our carpet cleaning solutions is right for you? Contact us at for expert advice. With Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaner Shampoo, you can achieve professional results.


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