Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Home Cleaning - The Benefits of Using Dirtbusters Carpet Shampoos -

Are you looking for a high-quality carpet cleaning solution for your Carpet Cleaning machine? Look no further than Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaning Shampoo!

Our extraction carpet cleaner solutions can be used in domestic & professional wet-system carpet cleaning machines. 

Dirtbusters carpet shampoo's are trusted and used by 1000's of professional carpet cleaners across the UK and Europe daily, as well as by non-professional households for domestic daily cleaning.

Why use Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaner Shampoo over other branded Carpet cleaning solutions?

Our products can be cheaper than some products due to the high dilution rate in our solutions. They are highly concentrated and cost-effective.

You can achieve professional cleaning results in your family home with our easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions. 

Here's some benefits of using our carpet cleaning shampoos, such as Clean & Deodorise.

  • 5 Litres of concentrated 3-in-1 carpet shampoo makes 500 Litres of diluted solution 
  • Cleans, deodorises and removes stubborn stains, leaves a pleasant fragrance 
  • Effective in cleaning pet mess, dog & cat urine, removing pet oil & hair
  • Suitable for cleaning carpets, rugs & upholstery 
  • Wool safe carpet cleaning solution 
  • Carpet cleaning products that deep clean
  • Can be used in wet carpet extraction cleaners and carpet steam cleaners 
  • Low PH cleaning solution 

dirtbusters carpet cleaning solutuion

Dilution rates for carpet cleaners using Dirtbusters Carpet cleaning solution:

Using our solutions in your machine is simple. We have two different dilution rates depending on how many tanks your machine has/whether it is auto-mix or not. Our solutions are highly concentrated, so they do require diluting for effective carpet cleaning.

Dilution Instructions for our main Carpet Cleaning Shampoos:

For machines with just one tank for the solution and water, dilute Dirtbusters carpet cleaning solutions 100:1. That's just 10ml of cleaning solution per Litre of water. For machines with separate tanks for water and solution (auto-mix machins), dilute Dirtbusters solutions 50:50.

Pro Tip -

We always recommend using a Pre Spray such as Carpet Pre Spray No.1 before doing any carpet cleaning at home. It helps to breakdown and lift dirt and stains ready for extraction with a machine, and you'll see an obvious improvement when using a Pre Spray than without.


You can achieve professional cleaning results in your family home whilst saving money with Dirtbusters. Try our solutions today and see the difference for yourself!

We have other carpet cleaning solutions with various benefits. Such as Pet Carpet Cleaner, specifically designed for pet stains and odours. 

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