The Do's and Dont's of carpet cleaning -

Cleaning carpets back in 1986 is where it all began for Dirtbusters. So we thought we'd share with you some of our favourite tips for cleaning your carpets at home.

Cleaning your carpets at home can be daunting. There are many different carpet cleaning chemicals, many different types of carpet materials, as well as various types of stains and issues you might be trying to deal with.

That is why we have come up with the do’s and don’ts of carpet cleaning. You can refer to these do’s and don’ts as a rule for all carpet cleaning at home to give your carpet a safe and effective clean when you need to.

carpet cleaning at home do's and dont's by dirtbusters


Always hoover the carpet first to get rid of any dirt, sand and grit. Not hoovering beforehand can result in a much dirtier carpet if you try to clean it with carpet cleaning chemicals. It will be much easier and more effective if hoovered before cleaning. 


Always use a pre-spray first before applying other products. Pre-sprays work by releasing some of the dirt in the carpet so that the chemicals applied afterwards are much more effective. Use the correct pre-spray for the strength you require, as well as the type of carpet material. Our Pre Sprays increase in strength, with 1 being the most gentle and therefore safe for all carpets & upholstery, and 3 being the strongest solution. We advise non-professionals to use Pre Spray 1, the safest solution but still effective. Let the solution soak in and brush the area to release the dirt. Clean with your chosen shampoo in your machine straight away.


DO use specific chemicals for the problem you have with your carpet. For instance, if you have a coffee or tea stain, make sure you use a coffee and tea stain remover. If you are giving your carpet a general clean, use a general all-purpose solution to remove water based stains. If you cannot find the right solution for the issue, or you have just made a stain and need to deal with it immediately, the next best solution is water only. Gently blotting the stain with water is most effective, try not to scrub. Using the incorrect chemical for your issue can cause the stain to set into the carpet even more.


It is important to use the correct amount of solution as indicated on the bottle. Make sure you do not over-wet the carpet as this will make the dirt/stain difficult to remove.


Do not put furniture with wood or metal feet straight back onto the carpet once it has been cleaned. Make sure you allow it to dry first. Putting furniture straight back onto wet carpet can cause the colour of the wood to run into the carpet, resulting in a stain, or metal feet can rust. It is important to allow the time for your carpet to dry, giving you the best clean and stain-free carpet possible. If you cannot wait for the carpet to dry, put folded up tin foil under the legs to protect the carpet. 


One of the biggest mistakes people make with cleaning their own carpets at home is applying more solution than required. It is often thought that applying more solution will help to get rid of the dirt/stain more easily. This is not the case. In fact, using more than the dilution rate actually attracts dirt after cleaning, making your carpet dirtier much quicker. Less is more when it comes to cleaning your carpet.


These do’s and don’ts are great to remember so as not to make that stain or dirt set into your carpet even more. You can clean your carpet at home effectively if you follow these simple tips.

If you do not feel confident with a stain or carpet material, make sure you get your local carpet cleaner in to clean it professionally – leave the difficult, heavy duty stuff to them! Alternatively, we are always happy to help at Dirtbusters, should you have any queries about our products and how to use them, do get in touch.

Dirtbusters supplies carpet cleaning products to professionals and non-professionals. Our solutions are for professionals but can be used at home on your own carpets. All our solutions are high performing products so that you can clean your carpet at home effectively when a professional is not around.

Head over to our online shop to find the correct carpet cleaning solutions for your home cleaning.

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