How to Deep Clean Carpets Using a Pre Treatment Carpet Spray -

Are you wanting to deep clean your carpets throughout your home but need guidance on what to use? Read on for our top tips on cleaning carpets to a professional standard with a pre-treatment spray. No matter the carpet material and level of soiling, there’s a solution for all fibres and fabrics to get the best carpet cleaning results at home.

Benefits of Using a Pre-Spray Carpet Treatment
  • Deep Cleans Carpets
  • Micro-splitters break down bonded dirt, heavy soiling and stains for easy removal
  • Enhances effectiveness of machine cleaning with a Carpet cleaner
  • Reduces risk of over-wetting with a machine
  • Reduces time taken cleaning with an extraction shampooer machine
  • Lessens risk of bringing dirt up from the carpet underlay during the cleaning process
  • There is a solution suitable for any amount of dirt and all carpet fibres

When to Use a Pre-treatment Carpet Spray

Pre-Sprays are designed to loosen dirt, grease and stains before shampooing in a carpet steam cleaner. The enzymes break down soiling for easy removal, which deep cleans carpets, rugs & upholstery even better than using Carpet Shampoo alone.

We always recommend using a Pre-Spray, no matter the carpet type or how heavy the soiling, there is a Pre-Spray solution that suits your needs.

Pre-Spray carpet treatments can be used all over carpets, rugs, upholstery, fabric sofas & chairs and even on car interior upholstery.

These solutions make carpet washing with a machine even easier. However, if you are in a rush or going over a small patch of carpet you can skip this step from time to time. Carpets with a light amount of dirt will still come up nicely with a good carpet shampoo, but for that extra deep clean always use a Pre-Spray.

Top Tip on Pre-Treating Carpets, rugs & Upholstery

When using a Pre-Spray Treatment, you should spray evenly across the area to be cleaned. Immediately agitate with a carpet brush, before using a carpet cleaner machine with your favourite carpet cleaning shampoo.

Do not allow the Pre Spray Treatment to dry before extracting with a carpet steam cleaner machine. This is our most important tip to make sure that pre-treatment solutions are effective at lifting heavy soiling from carpets.

You should clean immediately after applying the pre-spray, or leave for just a couple of minutes to dwell and do its job without letting it dry. When the solution dries, it becomes less effective so not much waiting time is required before the main carpet clean with your machine.

Cleaning Wool Carpets with a Carpet Washer Machine

Wool carpets are a natural, more delicate fibre than other carpet types. They require carpet cleaning products that are gentle and pH neutral, but tough on stains, dirt and odours.

Before using a wool safe Carpet Shampoo Solution, you can use Pre Spray No.1. This is our pH Neutral, wool-safe pre-cleaning treatment for carpets, rugs & upholstery. It is gentle on delicate wool and stain-resistant fibres, yet effective at treating stains & dirt before shampooing.

All of our Carpet Cleaner Shampoo Extraction Solutions are safe on wool and compatible with any wet-system carpet washer shampooer machine.  

Cleaning Synthetic Carpets with a Carpet Washer Machine

Synthetic carpets are a bit easier to clean as they can take higher pH formulas than more delicate fibres.

When the carpet has a light amount of dirt and you regularly clean carpets throughout your home, you can choose Pre-Spray No.1. As it is a neutral pH but tough on dirt and stains, it will achieve the complete clean needed.

If the carpet is moderately dirty, you have some stains and the carpets haven’t been cleaned regularly, you can choose Pre-Spray No.2.

Pre-Spray No.2 is our middle of the range formula. It has a slightly higher pH level than Pre-Spray No.1, and is even more tough on stains and soiling. It breaks down proteins and dirt effectively.

Cleaning Heavily Soiled & Stained Synthetic Carpets

When synthetic carpets are very dirty, discoloured and stained, a stronger solution is required. Especially when there is a build up of thick grease and dirt, such as in walkways and hallways.

Pre Spray No.3 is our strongest solution at a pH level of around 11.6. The alkaline formula breaks down very heavy soiling, stains & grease. It can be used on any synthetic carpet before shampooing.

As this is our strongest solution it is usually best to leave it to a professional to deep clean heavily soiled carpets. The alkaline formula can often need balancing with an acidic solution, such as our Citrus Rinse. This removes brown staining and balances the pH after using Pre Spray No.3.

How Often Should you Clean Carpets with a Pre Spray?

Cleaning carpets with a Pre Spray before shampooing can be done every time you clean.

Carpets throughout the home benefit from a deep clean every 6 months, or more often when spillages and stains occur from pets & clumsy kids! It is also useful to clean more often if any members of your household have allergies such as dust mites, to keep carpets clean and dust free.


All of our Pre Spray treatments and Carpet Shampoo Solutions have been designed for domestic or professional use. They are cost-effective, concentrated solutions that achieve professional standard results. If you have any questions on how to use our products, please get in touch

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