Cleaning Your Oven Before Christmas (or any other big dinner party!) - A Guide from the Professionals -

It’s that time of year when you’re dreading your guests seeing the state of your oven when they’re chipping in with the Christmas dinner. But cleaning it seems such a chore.

Here’s a guide from the pro’s on how to clean your oven efficiently and professionally to save time and embarrassment!

Step 1: Take out the oven racks.

Step 2: Turn the oven on to 80degrees. This makes the carbon warm and soft, making it easier to clean.

Step 3: Once the oven has reached 80degrees make sure you turn it off. Then, spray the Bio Oven Cleaner all over the inside of the oven.

Step 4: Use a bladed tool to cut off the carbon from the inside of the oven. The blade should be kept flat and always in contact with the enamel whilst scraping the blade backwards and forwards. Get rid of the dirt and carbon after scraping and wipe over with a cloth.

Step 5: Apply the oven paste with a stainless steel scourer. Work your way around the oven bit by bit, scrubbing the paste in circular motions. 

Step 6: With a clean, damp cloth, remove any excess paste and rinse the oven down.

Repeat any of the steps if necessary before polishing with a dry cloth.

Your oven should be shiny and looking like new ready for Christmas dinner!

All of Dirtbusters products are non-caustic and suitable for home use. 
Once you have finished cleaning your oven you can cook in it straight away, thanks to our odour & fume-free solutions. 

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