How to Remove and Clean Water Marks From Stainless Steel -

Stainless Steel water marks are so stubborn. No matter how much you wipe over with a general cleaning solution they just don’t seem to disappear.

The solution? Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Paste. This paste is abrasive but non-scratching and can be left on the area to be cleaned for up to 15 minutes to do its thing. It does wonders on stainless steel to remove water marks, it also removes rust spots, burnt on carbon, grease and general dirt.

Here’s our guide on how to use Stainless Steel Paste to achieve a professionally clean, shiny, water mark free stainless steel surface.

You Will Need:

-Cleaning spray such as Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner or Kitchen Degreaser (optional)

-Stainless Steel Paste

-Multi Shine (optional)  


If the stainless steel surface is particularly greasy and dirty, it is worth cleaning it with a suitable cleaner spray before using Stainless Steel Paste.

Stainless Paste cleans too, but for a deeper clean on very dirty stainless surfaces, do a pre-clean before the main clean!

Using either Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner or Kitchen Degreaser, wipe over the surface with a microfibre cloth to remove some of the dirt, grease and grime.


Using an abrasive paste is the best way to remove water marks from stainless steel. Our non-caustic Stainless Steel abrasive paste is used by professionals across the UK and Europe. It is fumes & odours free, and is perfect for removing water marks, rust spots and grease from stainless steel.

Apply the Stainless Steel Paste with a Non-scratch Pad to the surface. Follow the grain of the stainless steel as you apply it. Stainless Paste can be left to work for up to 15 minutes before wiping off. It cuts through grease, grime, water marks and rust safely with its abrasive but non-scratching formula.

Wipe the paste off with a wet microfibre cloth and then buff dry with a dry microfibre.


The final step is to polish the stainless steel to a perfectly shiny, gleaming finish. This provides a long-lasting protection on the surface, meaning less frequent deep cleaning.

Multi Shine is a silicone based gel that forms a protective coating and shiny finish on surfaces such as stainless steel, gas hob rings, oven fronts, hob tops, plastic and enamel. It is heat resistant and therefore perfect for around the oven in the kitchen.

Apply a small amount of Multi Shine to the stainless surface using a microfibre cloth. Buff in to reveal a professionally clean shine.


To prevent water marks, wipe the surface down regularly and complete a deeper clean with Stainless Steel Paste and Multi Surface Polish when water marks start to reappear.

Multi Surface Polish protects surfaces for a while, reducing the frequency of having to remove water marks.


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