How to clean and polish stainless steel appliances -

Stainless Steel is prone to fat, grease, water and finger marks that show easily, so regularly cleaning and polishing stainless steel appliances will keep them clean, shiny and streak free.

Removing burnt on carbon from stainless steel hobs is one of the hardest kitchen cleaning tasks. It's hard to remove dirt, grease and carbon effectively without scratching the stainless steel surface. With this guide you can learn how to safely clean and polish stainless steel appliances such as hobs, toasters, kettles, ovens, extractors and fridges, like a professional. 

Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Cleaning Products were developed for professional oven cleaners to use safely in customers' homes. Using these products and following the professional instructions given, you too can get professional results.

Throughout the cleaning and polishing process always remember to follow the grain. You can see the direction of the stainless steel’s grain when you look closely. 

This guide will talk you through the best way to keep stainless steel sparkling clean. Use Dirtbusters professional cleaning products for a high standard yet easy clean at home.


dirtbusters stainless steel cleaning products

Dirtbusters Kitchen Degreaser

Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Oil

Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Paste

Microfibre cloths

Non-scratch pad

Optional: Dirtbusters Stove Polish & gloves if cleaning a hob top with black electric hob plates. 


cleaning stainless steel with dirtbusters stainless steel cleaning paste

The first step is to give the stainless steel appliance a good clean to remove any dirt, grease and oils from the area.

For dirtier appliances such as stainless steel hobs and ovens, you will need to use a non-scratch pad. This is a more abrasive tool that will not scratch the stainless steel surface. It will therefore work with the cleaning product to lift grease and carbon, giving a cleaner finish.

Using Dirtbusters Kitchen Degreaser, spray the solution onto the surface of the stainless steel. Using a clean microfibre cloth or non-scratch pad, wipe over the surface following the grain, to remove the solution lifting away dirt and grease to reveal a clean surface.

Buff the area with a dry microfibre to make sure the surface is dry before polishing.

If, whilst cleaning the surface, you find a large amount of grease and carbon building up onto your cloth or non-scratch pad, you will need to use a stronger cleaning solution. Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Paste is a strong, professional but safe cream that works to break down tough grease and carbon without damaging or scratching it. Designed for professional cleaners but easy to use in the home for a deep clean. 

Using the Stainless Steel Paste in conjunction with the Kitchen Degreaser gives a more powerful cleaning solution. Spray the Kitchen degreaser over the area and do not wipe off. Apply the cream over the kitchen degreaser with a non-scratch pad and wipe over the surface following the grain. Afterwards, use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe over the area to remove any leftover dirt. Dry with a dry microfibre cloth or paper towel.


The last step to finish off cleaning your stainless steel appliance is to apply Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Oil.

Spray the oil onto the stainless steel surface. Work into the grain using a clean and dry microfibre cloth. This will bring the shine back to your stainless steel appliance, giving it a streak free, professional finish.


hob plate polished stove

Bottom left hob plate polished with Dirtbusters Stove Polish.

The black hob plates on electric stainless steel hobs can be polished to restore the black shine. Using Dirtbusters Stove Polish on these black plates will give you this effect.

Dirtbusters Stove Polish is used by professional stove installers to polish black wood burning stoves and grates. It can also be used on black hob plates to give the same effect. The solution works by forming a protective coating when the element is heated, meaning you can get a long lasting polished finish.

To use the stove polish on your hob plates, wear gloves and apply the polish to the plate using a cloth or sponge. Wipe off any excess product with a dry, clean cloth. Give the plate an extra coating if needed. Once you turn on the electric hobs, this coating will form a protective layer.


Cleaning your stainless steel appliances can be done each time you give the house a general clean. Some appliances will be dirtier than others and therefore require more regular cleaning. For instance, giving stainless steel hobs a good degrease and polish once a week when you clean the kitchen and then an even deeper clean once a month with degreaser, stainless steel paste and polish will keep it maintained.

Polishing black hob plates can be completed each time hob plates become worn down and less black.


Dirtbusters Professional Cleaning Products are safe, effective formulas made with non-caustic ingredients. They’re designed for professionals as well as for non-professional use in the home. Clean like a professional with our easy to use products.

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