How to clean a wood burner & multi fuel stove -

Who doesn't love a cosy Autumn night by the fire? Here's a guide to cleaning your log burner so it stays clean throughout fire season.

With this guide and the right products, you can clean your log burner like a pro in no time. Allowing you to spend more time cosying up to the fire, and less time cleaning it.

Having a clean stove looks great and feels great too! Keep your home looking and feeling cosy and clean by cleaning and protecting your log burner regularly.

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Here’s a quick overview of our guide to cleaning a wood burning stove:

  1. Clean the exterior stove with Dirtbusters Stove Cleaner
  2. Clean the inside glass of the stove using Dirtbusters Stove Glass Cleaner
  3. Polish the stove exterior using Dirtbusters Stove Polish (for black stoves or fire surrounds only)

Ready to clean like a pro? Let’s show you how…


Dirtbusters Stove Cleaner
Dirtbusters Stove Glass Cleaner
Dirtbusters Stove Polish
3 x microfibre cloths
1 x non-scratch pad
1 x sponge
Bowl of clean water

Before following the steps below it's a good idea to clear out the ash from inside the wood burner.


    First, spray the Stove Cleaner onto the exterior of the stove to remove any carbon, dust and ash. This gets the surface ready for polishing.

    This product is also great for professional stove installers when installing any stove. It gets rid of finger marks and dust that occurs upon installation.


    To clean the inside glass of the stove, use Dirtbusters Stove Glass Cleaner paste. Apply the paste with a non-scratch pad to the inside of the glass on the stove. Leave it to work for 5 to 10 minutes before scrubbing with a cloth. This will remove carbon build-up.


    Stove Polish is the perfect way to maintain that soft black sheen on any black stove. It’s designed to restore stoves as they become discoloured over time. It also protects stove exterior as it creates a protective coating once heated, maintaining the polished finish for months. It’s a non-smoking, fume and odour free formula, a safe solution with professional results!

    Dirtbusters Stove Polish should be applied to black stoves, grates and fire surrounds only.

    Make sure you wear gloves before applying as it can stain the skin. Place a small amount onto the surface with a cloth. Let the polish dry for around 15-20 minutes. Apply another coat of polish on any rusty spots or particularly worn-down areas of the surface.

    After cleaning it's also a good opportunity to clean around the stove on the floor. You can use the Stove Cleaner to clean around here too.

    How Often Should you Clean Your Stove?
    Cleaning your log burner and fire surround can be done whenever you feel necessary. We recommend using the stove cleaner each time you’re dusting the room the log burner is in, so you keep it dust and dirt free. The stove glass tends to get dirtier the more you use it, so once the carbon builds up give it a clean. This will keep the window clear so you can watch the cosy fire! Polishing the stove exterior is a less frequent chore. The protective coating lasts a long time and a little goes a long way.
    Dirtbusters stove cleaning products are available individually and as various kits.


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