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Want to Find Out More About the Core Team Here at Dirtbusters HQ?

Published: 06/11/2017

Ever wondered who's behind the scenes at Dirtbusters HQ?
Here's a look at the team..

Founder Gavin Finch

Back when he was 19 years old, Gavin’s love for everything squeaky clean led him into the cleaning industry.

With his experience over the years and with the help of his natural entrepreneurial spirit. Gavin has built Dirtbusters into an environmentally aware, family run business supplying cleaning products for the necessary chores and for the rare moments you get to escape reality.

He’s the oven guru, all-knowing cleaning fanatic with a passion for water sports and love for his dog Otis (oh and his wife).

Gavin Finch Founder of Dirtbusters









Director Nova Finch

With a brain bursting with ideas, Nova inspires and motivates the team.

Nova has a passion for horses and everything outdoors.

Nova Finch Director at Dirtbusters

Operations Director Harlie Finch

This multi-tasking wizard runs the office day-to-day.

When she’s not working she’s making ceramics or probably eating crackers.

Harlie Finch Operations Director Dirtbusters

Marketing Manager Icenie Finch

Queen of organisation. Icenie runs our marketing and branding department.

She has a passion for yoga and crochet.

Icenie Finch Marketing Manager Dirtbusters

Warehouse Manager Wayne McCrystal

Wayne is our warehouse manager.

He has a passion for football and his favourite food is scallops.

You’ll find him on his PS4 or playing football in his spare time.

Warehouse Manager Wayne McCrystal Dirtbusters

Warehouse Assistant Dan Willson

Dan is our speedy warehouse packer.

If he’s not at Dirtbusters HQ he’s looking after his three children, playing on his PlayStation or eating a hot curry!

Dan Willson Warehouse Assistant Dirtbusters


Phil is the newest member of our team in the warehouse.

His favourite sports are football and sprinting.

He’s also been an uncle since he was 9 years old!

Phil Russell Warehouse Assistant Dirtbusters


Bob works in our warehouse 3 days a week with the boys.

When he’s not packing orders, he’s got his head in a book or he’s out walking our Labradoodle Otis.

Bob Finch Warehouse Assistant Dirtbusters


Our speedy oven cleaning maestro Kevin, spends half of his week cleaning ovens and the other half training newbies to the industry.

When he’s not cleaning ovens, Kevin watches football, cooks, walks his dog and plans his next trip to America.

Kevin Trow Oven & Carpet Cleaner Dirtbusters


Morale specialist and part-time company therapist. He’s king of comfort.

If we’re not at our work stations, we’re cuddling Otis.

His favourite food is chicken and his passions are sticks, stones and the beach all year round.

Otis the Dirtbusters Family Dog

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