Alternative Carpet Cleaning Solutions For Vax -

Can you use other carpet shampoo solutions in a Vax machine?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is if our carpet cleaning solutions can be used in a Vax machine. The answer - YES, they can!

All of our Extraction cleaning solutions can be used in your Vax extraction cleaning machine (It will also work in as an alternative solution for other machines such as Bissel, Rug Doctor, Karcher, MAXVAC, Prochem & pretty much any machine that is an extraction machine with a fillable tank!)

All our extraction carpet cleaning solutions are suitable for use in a Vax machine. They are simple to use and are a cheaper alternative to the Vax branded products themselves due to the high dilution rate in our products.

Our carpet solutions are used and trusted by professional carpet cleaners across the UK and Europe, as well as by domestic, non-professional cleaning in many households. They are non-caustic, safe yet professional solutions designed to tackle the full range of household carpet issues as well as general carpet cleaning.

So, how do you use Dirtbusters’ solutions in your vax machine? Continue reading to find out how.


All our extraction machine chemicals work well in Vax machines, other domestic cleaning machines as well as professional carpet cleaning machines.

It is simple and easy to use these products in a Vax, it is the same as using the Vax chemicals and comes down to the type of tank in the extraction machine. The only difference is the dilution rate.

Our alternative to Vax solutions have a higher dilution rate than the branded Vax chemicals – you’ll need less of Dirtbusters carpet cleaning solution diluted with water to do the same job. Our products are therefore more economical and perform just as well.

For extraction machines with just one tank for the solution and water, dilute Dirtbusters alternative to vax solution 100:1. That's just 10ml of cleaning solution per Litre of water.

For extraction machines with separate tanks for water and solution, dilute Dirtbusters alternative to vax solutions 50:50. 

It’s as simple as that. You can clean your carpets just as well, to a professional standard with safer solutions, whilst saving money too.


We always recommend using a Carpet Pre Spray before doing any carpet cleaning at home. Our Pre Spray No.1 is recommended for non-professional domestic carpet cleaning and is safe for use on all carpets. It helps to lift dirt and stains ready for extraction with a machine. You'll see an obvious improvement when using a Pre Spray than without. 

Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaning Solutions

• Safe for use in any carpet cleaning machine.

• Highly concentrated & cost-effective, up to 13 times more carpet cleans than other brands.

• Eco-friendly, non-toxic & never tested on animals.

• Easy-to-use, safe solutions that help you to achieve professional cleaning results in your family home.


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