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Bio Bike Cleaner Spray - Citrus (1 Litre)

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Bio Bike Cleaner (1 Litre)



Dirtbusters Citrus Bio Bike Cleaner is a low PH, biodegradable cleaning solution for cleaning bike frames. 

We have designed this product to break down mud, oil, grease and bugs for an easy, safe yet professional clean on bikes. Whether you're cleaning your bike after mountainbiking, dirt bike racing or a leisurely bike or motorbike ride, Bio Bike Cleaner leaves bike frames professionally clean. With its citrus scent, you'll be fresh and ready for your next ride. 

Our lifestyle products have been manufactured to protect your passions. We know how important your passions are, they are to us too. That's why we designed cleaning products to make those moments of enjoying your passion that bit easier. 

Also available in 5 Litre bottles, perfect for buying in bulk. 


Wet your bike frame down. Apply the Bio Bike Cleaner and leave for 3 minutes. Agitate stubborn areas with a soft brush then rinse away using clean, fresh water. Buff the bike clean with a dry cloth for a sparkling finish. 

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