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Motorbike Cleaning Kit 2

Price Ea.

Eco Chain Cleaner & Degreaser (250ml) + Bio Bike Cleaner (1 Litre)

Bio Bike Cleaner (5 Litres & 1 Litre)

Eco Chain Cleaner & Degreaser (250ml) + Bio Bike Cleaner (5 Litres & 1 Litres)




This range of Motorbike Cleaning Kits include a range of the following motorbike cleaning products:

- Bio Bike Cleaner - Citrus (1 Litre)

- Bio Bike Cleaner - Citrus (5 Litres)

- Eco Chain Degreaser (250ml)


Bio Bike Cleaner

Dirtbusters Bo Bike Cleaner is an environmentally aware cleaning product for all motorbike lovers. The low PH solution is biodegradable and does not contain any caustic chemicals. It's designed to cut through deposits such as oil, grease, bugs and mud to give an easy clean so that you can spend less time cleaning and more time on your motorbike. 

Spray down your motorbike after your ride to give it a quick clean inbetween those deeper cleans. 

Wet your bike frame down. Apply the Bio Bike Cleaner and leave for 3 minutes. Agitate stubborn areas with a soft brush then rinse away using clean, fresh water. Buff the bike clean with a dry cloth for a sparkling finish. 


Eco Chain Degreaser

Dirtbusters Bike Chain Cleaner & Degreaser is perfect for restoring your motorbike chain. Get the chain back to a shiny, grease-free finish with Dirtbusters Eco Chain Degreasers. A non-toxic, Eco friendly formula that gives you a professional clean finish. 

Apply to chain and soak for 5 minutes before removing with a dry cloth. 

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