Dirtbusters Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Electric Twin Element, Start-up Package With 1 Day Training

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  • Van mounted Electric powered twin element oven cleaning dip tank
  • 1 Day Expert training at our training centre
  • Everything you need to get started cleaning ovens
  • Includes our effective Dirtbusters non caustic oven cleaning products
  • Clean like a Professional, this kit achieves an expert clean
  • Quick heating and stays hot throughout the day
  • Top quality stainless steel
  • Fitting instructions to kit out your van with the electric oven cleaning dip tank

Dirtbusters unique, design registered, stainless steel electric van mounted oven cleaning tank (double element model).

This tank is made from 2mm 304 grade, double skinned, insulated stainless steel and produced to the highest quality manufacturing including using laser cutting.

Our electric tanks are unique because, unlike plastic tanks, the body can withstand high heat giving optimum cleaning results.

The tanks are CE certified and fully pat tested for safety and legal requirements.

The tank is heated by two industrial 3kw elements with high temperature thermostat, which allows the solution to be heated to 100 degrees (plastic tanks can only go to 80 degrees before welds can start to fail).

Connected to the element is 1 metre of outdoor flex with a waterproof connector and rcd plug. The tank comes with 1 x 15 metres of extension cable with compatible waterproof connector attached. The tank will stay hot throughout the day but can be boosted for heat at any point by plugging into an available socket.

Our electric van mounted tank has a neoprene seal to keep water and the heat inside. The lid is securely clamped down when in transit via adjustable toggle latches and the tank contents are securely contained. To heat the tank, it should be plugged in to heat in the morning before setting out to cleaning jobs, taking around 30mins to heat up to a high temperature. On a cold day in winter, it might need a little boost by plugging in at a customers’ home or on a break in between jobs, otherwise the heat is retained in the tank by keeping the lid on.

The tank has dual 28mm locking gate valves and flexible drainpipe for easy draining of the tank. It has a perforated base covering the elements, which is fully removable for easy cleaning along with a drain tap for the element section. It also comes with a steam valve to relieve excess steam during use.

It is recommended to be fill the tank with around 40 litres of solution.

This package includes:

Dirtbusters Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Electric Twin Element

1 day oven cleaning training (one day in the training centre learning how to remove all doors and replace them, hob and extractor cleaning, aga cleaning).

All trainees become members of Dirtbusters oven cleaning network www.dirtbustersovencleaningnetwork.co.uk

A manual, detailing everything learnt on training day 1.

Continued professional support and advice from us when needed.

A full chemical and equipment start up kit including:

4 x 5 litres of bio oven cleaner

1 x 5 litres of large oven cleaning paste

1 x 500g small pot of oven cleaning paste

1 x 500g small pot of stainless steel paste

1 x 5kg tub of commercial dip tank powder

1 x 5 litre of glass cleaner

1 x 5 litres of kitchen degreaser

1 x 750ml stainless steel oil

1 x Multi shine

10 x green scouring pads

10 x stainless steel scourers

1 x small brush set

10 x 15w oven bulbs

10 x 25w oven bulbs

10 x 40w extractor bulbs

2 x 40w oven bulbs

1 x oven door glass mastic

1 x heavy duty scraper

1 x crimped wire brush

2 x standard scrapers

100 x heavy duty blades

10 x microfibre cloths

5 x extractor filters ( 2 in each pack so 10 filters )

1 x electric hot plate polish

1 x tank gauntlets

5 x non scratch pads

1 x oven cleaning brush

1 x kitchen degreaser 750ml ready to use

1 x bio-oven cleaner 750ml ready to use

1 x glass cleaner 750ml ready to use

+ our free advice and experience of running a bio-oven cleaning business.

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