Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Gas Van Mounted, Start-up Package With 1 Day Training

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  • Van mounted gas-powered oven cleaning dip tank
  • 1 Day Expert training at our training centre
  • Everything you need to get started cleaning ovens
  • Includes our effective Dirtbusters non caustic oven cleaning products
  • Top quality stainless steel

Our design registered gas van mounted tank is our top of the range gas fuelled dip tank for the professional oven cleaner looking to offer bio degradable, non-caustic, safe oven cleaning.

Whether you are upgrading from a portable tank or just starting out in the business, the gas van mounted tank will make oven cleaning faster and produce top results.

The gas van mounted tank is made by us from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel and has a beautiful top-grade finish.

The tank is heated by an 8.8kw CE certified gas burner with flame failure device, which is housed in a slide out tray, which allows for easy lighting. This allows the operative to work from the vehicle even in difficult parking conditions as power leads are not needed. The tank is van mounted and fixed via stainless steel mounting feet.

The feet are adjustable allowing the tank to be levelled by raising and lowering on all four sides, which allows the tank to be used in all parking conditions even on steep hills. This means the tank can carry less solution as a deep tank is not needed.

The tank has a clamp down lid with neoprene seal and internal returning lip meaning that the bio oven cleaning solution can be kept in the tank between jobs, saving on chemical costs. 

Emptying the tank is quick and easy as it is fitted with two large drain tubes with gate valves positioned to empty straight into a bucket, the solution disposed of appropriately. The lid has two handles and is removable, it can be doubled up as a finishing tray when placed on a small trestle type table.

On the front of the tank is a steam valve, which releases any pressure and steam build up whilst the tank is in operation.

The gas van mounted tank will fit in any small or medium sized van, we recommend from a Berlingo upwards. 

The independent alternative to an oven cleaning Franchise.

We have trained over 700 companies and individuals from all over the UK, Europe and even from Australia and Malaysia. Helping them to find the best start up package that suits them and their needs.

We have established a national network of oven cleaning companies which is fully open for anyone to join. Find this website here.

With our years in the cleaning industry, we have developed our oven cleaning techniques into a fine art; creating our own method to be used with our unique oven cleaning chemicals, reducing the time it takes to give a professional oven clean.

This package includes:

Dirtbusters Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Gas Van Mounted

1 day oven cleaning training (one day in the training centre learning how to remove all doors and replace them, hob and extractor cleaning, aga cleaning).

All trainees become members of Dirtbusters oven cleaning network www.dirtbustersovencleaningnetwork.co.uk

A manual, detailing everything learnt on training day 1.

Continued professional support and advice from us when needed.

A full chemical and equipment start up kit including:

4 x 5 litres of bio oven cleaner

1 x 5 litres of large oven cleaning paste

1 x 500g small pot of oven cleaning paste

1 x 500g small pot of stainless steel paste

1 x 5kg tub of commercial dip tank powder

1 x 5 litre of glass cleaner

1 x 5 litres of kitchen degreaser

1 x 750ml stainless steel oil

1 x Multi shine

10 x green scouring pads

10 x stainless steel scourers

1 x small brush set

10 x 15w oven bulbs

10 x 25w oven bulbs

10 x 40w extractor bulbs

2 x 40w oven bulbs

1 x oven door glass mastic

1 x heavy duty scraper

1 x crimped wire brush

2 x standard scrapers

100 x heavy duty blades

10 x microfibre cloths

5 x extractor filters ( 2 in each pack so 10 filters )

1 x electric hot plate polish

1 x tank gauntlets

5 x non scratch pads

1 x oven cleaning brush

1 x kitchen degreaser 750ml ready to use

1 x bio-oven cleaner 750ml ready to use

1 x glass cleaner 750ml ready to use

+ our free advice and experience of running a bio-oven cleaning business.

The dip tank trays consist of:

1. bottom tray with brand new 8.8kw CE certified gas burner, regulator and hose

2. middle cleaning tray which the cleaning solution is poured into

3. lid which doubles as a finishing tray

Dirtbusters gas van mounted oven cleaning tank has been developed to aid the professional oven cleaner in cleaning to the very best professional standard using Bio, non-caustic oven cleaning chemicals. 

The tank is made of 2mm 304 grade stainless steel. It is heated by means of an 8.8kw gas burner and comes complete with regulator and hose.

The gas tank is heated from a propane gas bottle and can be used any distance away from the property. 

Neoprene seals and toggle latches keep the lid down to contain the liquid whilst in transit and also maintain some of the heat from the tank. 

The tank is mounted on levelling legs which allow it to be raised on a single axis if parked on uneven surfaces. Left to right or right to left, back to front or front to back. The legs are raised by turning the T bar handles, raising the tank up or down. This allows the tank to be level wherever it is parked. It can be bolted into the vehicle through the levelling legs. 

The tank is lit by sliding out the burner tray and lighting the burner and sliding back into place. Whilst in operation with the lid on, the steam valve is opened allowing excess steam to escape. Once the racks etc have been heated in the tank, the lid can be removed and when turned on, its back doubles as a finishing tray.

When needed, the tank can be emptied by opening the 28mm gate valves allowing the liquid to be drained into a bucket and disposed of appropriately.

The gas van mounted tank will fit in any small or medium sized van.

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