How To Keep Carpets Clean With A Dog Or Cat - Using Pet Carpet Shampoo -

If you have pets, you know that their messes and odours can be tough to clean up, especially from carpets and upholstery. That's where a high-quality pet carpet shampoo like Dirtbusters Pet Pro comes in handy. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to use Dirtbusters Pet Pro in a carpet cleaning extraction machine to effectively clean and treat pet mess and odour.

Why use a specific pet carpet shampoo?

Pet carpet shampoos like Dirtbusters Pet Pro are specifically formulated to clean and treat pet mess and odour. They contain powerful ingredients that can remove tough stains and neutralise unpleasant odours, while being gentle on fabrics. Using a pet-specific carpet shampoo can help you get rid of pet mess and odours more effectively, leaving your carpets and upholstery looking and smelling fresh.

How to clean your carpets using a pet carpet shampoo:

Below are step by step instructions for cleaning carpets and upholstery with Dirtbusters Pet Pro carpet shampoo or any other of Dirtbusters carpet shampoos:

You will need the following:

  • Pet Pro Carpet Shampoo (this is what we recommend for best results) or alternatively a different carpet shampoo although dilution rates and finish may be different.
  • Carpet cleaner machine - if you do not own one, they are easy to hire & sometimes delivered through Rug Doctor (just google it!)
  • access to warm water
  • A vacuum cleaner

If you notice you have particularly smelly or/and stained carpets check out our pro tips below before you get started.

Step 1: Prepare the room for cleaning

It is really important to prepare the area in which you want to clean. So before getting started with your deep clean, move any items out the way of your cleaning - such as chairs, coffee table etc. Once the area is clear, give the carpets a good vacuum, to remove any dirt and debris.

Step 2: Prepare the carpet cleaning extraction machine

Before you start, make sure your carpet cleaning extraction machine is clean and ready to use. If it has been sitting unused for a while, clean it out and run some water through it to ensure there are no clogs or blockages. Then, fill the tank with water according to the machine's instructions.

Step 3: Dilute the Dirtbusters Pet Pro carpet shampoo

Dirtbusters Pet Pro is a concentrated formula, so you'll need to dilute it before use. Mix 1 part shampoo to 100 parts water (5L of shampoo will make 500L of diluted cleaning solution). Use warm water to help activate the cleaning agents in the shampoo.

All of Dirtbusters Carpet Shampoos are suitable for all professional, domestic & rental carpet cleaner machines / carpet steam cleaners.

Including Vax, Bissell, Karcher, MAXVAC, Hoover, Henry, Draper, Prochem, Rug Doctor and any other carpet extraction cleaning machine.

 For a Carpet cleaner machine with 1 tank: 

Machines with 1 tank for both water and carpet shampoo, use 10ml of Clean & Deodorise with every 1 Litre of clean, warm water.

For a Carpet cleaner machine with 2 tanks: 

Machines with separate tanks for clean water and cleaning solution, dilute Clean & Deodorise 50:50 in the solution tank e.g. fill up the tank halfway with water and the rest with Clean & Deodorise

Pro Tip - Use warm fresh water, this will help give an effective professional standard clean, as it will help the solution break down soiling easier.

Step 4: Start cleaning

Begin by vacuuming your carpet or upholstery to remove any loose dirt and pet hair. Then, using the carpet cleaning extraction machine, apply the diluted shampoo to the carpet or upholstery. Make sure to follow the machine's instructions for applying the cleaning solution.

Step 5: Let dry

After cleaning, let the carpet or upholstery dry completely before using it again. Open windows or turn on a fan to help speed up the drying process.

Pro Tips:

For very smelly carpets, where there may be dried in urine or pet mess, we suggest you use in addition to the Pet Pro Carper Shampoo, a urine neutraliser, which powerful enzymes work to destroy the ammonia and bacteria that has set into your carpet pile. Both solutions working together will ensure that you get the best odour neutralising professional carpet clean possible.

We recommend using Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer.

For stained & marked carpets, we recommend using a stain remover before using your carpet cleaner extraction machine. This will help lift the staining easier, ensuring that your carpet will be mark free after its clean.

We recommend using Pet Pro Stain & Odour Remover.


Do's & Dont's


  • Use a specific pet carpet shampoo for carpet cleaning, they are formulated for a better treatment
  • Use Urine Neutraliser with your carpet cleaner solution if the carpets are really smelly - Pet Pro Urine & Odour Destroyer.
  • Use a stain remover to help lift stain before deep cleaning
  • Vacuum & move furniture before cleaning
  • Ask us for help and advice


  • Rub or scrub stains or marks
  • Over saturate the carpets with solution
  • Ignore smells and mess without cleaning
  • Use unrecommended by professional carpet cleaner homemade solutions
  • Use the wrong PH level of solution for the type of carpet you have


Benefits of using Dirtbusters Pet Pro carpet shampoo:

  • It can be used in any carpet cleaner machine
  • Tackles tough pet stains and odours: Dirtbusters Pet Pro is specially formulated to clean and treat pet mess and odour, making it the perfect solution for pet owners.
  • Contains a reactivating odour neutralizing treatment: This feature ensures that pet smells don’t reappear by destroying odour & dirt at source, whilst leaving a pleasant Summer Fresh fragrance.
  • Safe for all fabrics: This product can be used on all carpet types including wool, as well as upholstery & rugs that are machine-cleanable.
  • Biodegradable formula: The formula is tough on pet smells, dirt and stains but gentle on fabrics.
  • Lasts up to 13 times longer than alternative carpet washer products: The high dilution rate of our Pet Carpet Cleaner makes it last longer than alternative products.
  • Safe for pets and family: The formula is never tested on animals and is non-toxic, making it safe for use around pets and your family.


Using a pet-specific carpet shampoo like Dirtbusters Pet Pro can make cleaning up after your pets a breeze. By following the instructions above, you can effectively clean and treat pet mess and odour from your carpets and upholstery, leaving them looking and smelling fresh.


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